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  • Built from components for versatility
  • Suits castors, chunky legs and solid bases
  • Extremely stable in use

The Langham Multi-Purpose Raiser was carefully developed using over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in raising furniture, coupled with the feedback received from Occupational Therapists.

Linked raisers provide the safest method of raising furniture, as they are very stable, even for those who sit down forcefully.

The Multi-Purpose Raiser components can be used to build a stable raiser for the majority of armchairs, beds and sofas, yet can be removed without damaging or changing the furniture.

The height range achiveable is:

2 – 5 (5-12.5 cm) for furniture with legs.

3-6 inches (7.5-15cm) for furniture with castors, depending on castor size.

4-7 inches (10-17.5cm) for furniture with a sold base or large wooden blocks.

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Raiser, Spreader Bar, Base

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