Two Homecare Nurses At An Elderly Mans House. They Have A Hoist Set Up.


We provide a range of lifting aids for safe patient handling, including mobile and ceiling hoists. Our mobile hoists are particularly useful for less frequent demands, one-off lifting situations, or when the hoist may be required in multiple rooms. They promote the carer’s safety by minimising any risk of strain or injury.

Lift Systems in South Wales

Our ceiling lift systems enable users to be transferred comfortably and safely. They are perfect for frequent use, and ensure there is limited clutter in the user’s home or in a care environment. We can provide a variety of models to suit your needs at home or in a care environment.

Through-Floor Home Lifts

At Cantre we provide through-floor home lifts as well as various other internal and external platform lifts. They lend themselves to both the home and nursing environments. We have options to suit varying budgets that provide access in many different environments. We only provide lifts from reputable suppliers which we personally recommend.


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