Over Armchair Table

The over armchair table has a tilt laminated teak table top which is shaped to comfortably fit around your body. It also comes with a stylish side table, which can be fitted to the left or right side, to hold a glass or mug. this table offers height adjustment from 29.5 to 36″.

£153.29 excl VAT, £183.95 Incl VAT

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Homecraft Over Armchair Table has a large internal leg width and height adjustable table top that allows it to fit over almost any armchair or bed. The stable table-top has been fitted with four sturdy castors ensuring it can be moved around the home with ease. The modern, curved teak top has surface dimensions measuring 109cm x 41 cm that allows for the height to adjust from 75 cm to 91.5 cm.

A side table is attached to the Over Armchair Table to rest your cup of tea, and can be fitted on either side of the main table, depending on user preference. The table-top is also equipped with a partial back rim to prevent objects from falling off. The table is fully height adjustable and designed to tilt using the adjustment levers built on the underside of the mobile desk surface.

The wide, curved design makes it an effective working surface with functional space for writing, working, reading, and other activities. The reinforced table-top also allows users to comfortably rest their arms whilst eating. The table-top is constructed with a laminated, teak-top surface making it easy to wipe clean and disinfect between uses.

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