Wooden Bed Raisers

A hardwood cube, with one recess in the top and an additional wooden base for greater stability. designed specifically for beds. Cube height 7″. Raise 5″. Maximum leg diameter 3″, base 6″ square. Weight 750g each. Supplied as set of 4.

£47.95 excl VAT, £57.54 Incl VAT

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More Information

Wooden Bed Raisers are black hardwood cubes made of bamboo material with a recess in the top and a wooden base for stability. Supplied in a set of four.

  • Cube height and raise: 17.8 cm (7″) and 13 cm (5″)
  • Maximum leg diameter 7.5 cm (3″)
  • Base is 15.2 cm (6″) square
  • Maximum load 380 kg (837 3/4 lbs)

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