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The Pill Crusher and Dispenser uses a screw action to crush uncoated pills into a fine, powdery substance. The powdery substance can then be used to mix with drinks or food. Pulverizing uncoated pills effortlessly, the tablet will swift into the bottom serving cup leaving less residue behind. To use, unscrew the cap and place the pill into the container. Rotate the cap back and forth, twisting until the pill is completely crushed into a powder.

Crushing the pills into a fine, powdery substance is ideal for children and adults who experience difficulties swallowing. Dysphagia often causes individuals to choke or cough when trying to consume medication. The crusher and dispenser also aids those who have difficulties digesting larger tablets.

Ergonomic design is easy to handle and creates a secure grip for maximum leverage during use. The crushing process requires little time and twisting effort, great for on-the-go use. The upper section of the dispenser can also be used as a drinking cup or for medication storage whilst travelling.


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