Stamford Adjustable Toilet Frame

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  • Sturdy steel frame, incorporating armrests and one piece moulded seat, raises height of standard toilet for easier transfers on and off
  • Comfortable seat with partial front and rear cut-away to facilitate personal hygiene and front-to-back slope to assist with standing
  • Clip-on/clip-off seat allows simpler cleaning
  • Rear lugs either side of seat are positioned between two structural cross-members on frame, ensuring safe, snug and stable fit
  • Side cross-members give extra strength and robustness
  • Duradip® tough, peel-proof, anti-corrosive plastic coating for durability
  • Simple e-clip height adjustment to suit different users/toilets
  • Slip-resistant feet provide stability; floor-fixed model provides increased safety
  • Stackable for ease of storage
  • Suitable for thermal decontamination
  • SEAT WIDTH 46cm (18”)
  • SEAT DEPTH 42cm (16.5”)
  • SEAT HEIGHT MIN 43.8cm (17.25″)
  • SEAT HEIGHT MAX 59.7cm (23.5″)
  • HEIGHT MIN 62cm (24.5″)
  • HEIGHT MAX 77.5cm (30.5″)
  • WIDTH 56cm (22”)
  • DEPTH 43.5cm (17”)
  • WIDTH BETWEEN ARMS 53cm (21”)


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