Mobility Scooters

Cantre Mobility is a leading supplier of mobility scooters in west Wales.  We provide a wide range of mobility scooters such as Class 2 pavement mobility scooters and class 3, road legal mobility scooters. We also stock a range of mobility scooter accessories, ranging from access ramps to mobility scooter storage covers within our showrooms in Aberaeron and in Carmarthen that are also available to shop online, click here to begin shopping.

At Cantre Mobility, we recognise that choosing a mobility scooter is an extremely important decision and as a result, we have put this information section together to help answer any queries you may have. We have over 20 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining mobility scooters across Wales and have developed the knowledge to help you live a full and independent life.

Call our free-phone number on 0808 100 1133 to book a consultation with one of our friendly advisers or visit one of our showrooms to test out our range of mobility scooters. Alternatively, click here for more information on how to contact us.

We also have a fleet of mobility scooters available to hire, please note demand for hire may be high in summer months, please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Mobility scooters are a more appropriate choice if the user is relatively independent and so, can get on and off the scooter easily and can operate the scooter competently.  However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a mobility scooter, for example whether you require it to be dismantled and transported easily in a car; whether you will be travelling long or short distances; whether you require it to be used on the road and how you will store the scooter to name just a few. Please see below for a full list of frequently asked questions.
Scooter Guide

scooter guide

Each scooter falls into two main categories; Class 2 (pavement scooters) and Class 3 (road legal scooters). We also classify the mobility scooters according to size.

Our small mobility scooters are compact and can be dismantled easily to fit into the boot of a car. These mobility scooters have a relatively lightweight frame to make transportation easier. They are perfect for people who make short, frequent journeys due to their size, however there is a limit to the amount of weight they can carry safely. Please note, the range of the mobility scooter will also be smaller than our mid-size and larger mobility scooters.

Our mid-size mobility scooters are generally more robust and can manage more challenging terrain. Most models will have a greater range than our smaller mobility scooters and also have a larger weight capacity. The majority of our mid-size mobility scooters can also be dismantled to fit into the boot of a car.

The large mobility scooters fit into the Class 3 category and are therefore road legal. You don’t have to pay vehicle tax for any mobility scooter, but you will need to register a class 3 mobility scooter with the DVLA.  Class 3 mobility scooters can travel up to 8mph on the road and up to 4mph on pavements.  These make the ideal choice for those who are relatively independent and make longer, frequent journeys or journeys where the terrain is much more challenging. Please see a selection of our best selling mobility scooters below for further information and product specifications.

Service and RepairWe recommend that all mobility scooters are well maintained and stored correctly to ensure you get the best from your mobility scooter. At Cantre Mobility, each mobility scooter we supply comes with a manufacturers’ warranty and can be maintained and repaired by our team of engineers. Click here for more information regarding servicing and repairs.

Cantre Mobility are also partners with Motability, a national charity that provides financial assistance to disabled customers. The Motability Scheme is directed and overseen by Motability and enables disabled people to lease a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair using their Government funded mobility allowance. Contact us to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are mobility scooters easy to drive?
Yes, every mobility scooter we stock has been designed to be very easy to drive. Our friendly advisers will explain how to use your mobility scooter and to answer any queries you may have. You can also ‘test drive’ any of our mobility scooters to ensure that you are happy and comfortable driving it.
Can I use my mobility scooter on the road?

You can use a Class 3 mobility scooter on the road and a Class 2 mobility scooter to cross a road. A Class 3 mobility scooter can only be used by someone aged 14 or over. You are not allowed to use bus lanes or the motorway. It is not recommended, but you can use a Class 3 mobility scooter on a dual carriageway, providing it is fitted with a flashing amber warning light.

You must register a Class 3 scooter with the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Please visit us in one of our showrooms for more information, alternativelyclick here for more ways to contact us.

Can I use my mobility scooter on the pavement?
Yes, both Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooters can be used on pavements and footpaths but not cycle tracks. However, when using a Class 3 mobility scooter on the pavement, you must not exceed 4mph/6kph.
Do I need a driving license?
No, you do not need a driving licence to drive a scooter – even if you are using it on the road.
Can my scooter fit into the boot of a car?
Many of our mobility scooters are car transportable and therefore, can be dismantled easily to fit into the boot of even a small car.
Do I need insurance?
You do not have to be insured by law, however we do recommend that you have at least third-party cover. It is also a good idea to be covered for fire, theft and damage.
Does my mobility scooter come with a warranty?
Yes, every mobility scooter that we sell comes with a manufacturers’ warranty.
Do you service mobility scooters?
At Cantre Mobility, we have a team of fully qualified engineers with over 20 years’ experience who can service and repair mobility scooters sold by us. We recommend that your mobility scooter is serviced annually to ensure you get the best from it. If your mobility scooter requires servicing or repair(s), simply call our service team on free-phone 0808 100 1133. Alternatively, please click here for more ways to contact us.
How long does the battery last and what is the range?

A number of factors can have an effect on the range of the mobility scooter, for example the terrain on which it is used and the weight that the mobility scooter carries.

Generally, the batteries can last between 1 and 5 years, however it is dependent upon how they are maintained, the weight of the user and how frequently the mobility scooter is used.

Batteries should be charged regularly and always to a full charge to ensure maximum performance.

If you are not using the mobility scooter for an extended time period, we recommend that you continue to charge the batteries once every two to three weeks to ensure the batteries are well maintained.

Can I test drive a scooter?
Yes, with our large showrooms in Aberaeron and Carmarthen, there is ample outdoor space to test drive our range of mobility scooters to ensure that you are comfortable using the mobility scooter.
Will my mobility scooter manage a variety of terrains?
The majority of mobility scooters will easily manage a variety of everyday terrains such as uneven paving, blister paving and small hills. However, if there are a number of steep hills in the area you live, we recommend a slightly larger mobility scooter with more power to competently manage any inclines.
How should I store my mobility scooter?
We recommend that you store your mobility scooter in a secure and dry place, ideally with access to electricity so that it can be charged. We also have a range of scooter storage covers to protect it from moisture and dust.
Do the mobility scooters come in a range of different sizes?
We offer a range of different size mobility scooters to suit each individual’s needs. The size of mobility scooter will depend upon the class of scooter; Class 2 scooters will be smaller and the majority can be dismantled to fit into the boot of a car.  Class 3 scooters are larger and more robust as they can be used on the road.
What is the maximum user weight limit?
The maximum user weight limit varies depending upon the type of mobility scooter. Our larger, class 3 mobility scooters can carry a maximum user weight of up to 32 stone. The range of the mobility scooter also depends upon the weight of the user.