Rise & Recline Chairs

Our range of rise and recline armchairs offer custom-made designs, tailored to your needs. We provide an array of rise and recline armchair styles in both contemporary and traditional designs. Our rise and recline armchairs are available in a wide choice of materials, including leather, in almost any colour and in various patterns. Heat and massage features can also be included for added comfort. Sizes can be adapted to suit you, we cover everything from petite to bariatric.

Our suppliers are some of the U.K’s leading producers of rise and recline armchairs, renowned for their attention to detail, exceptional quality and durability. Each rise and recline armchair is supplied with a manufacturer’s warranty for added reassurance.

Our motorised rise and recline armchairs are eligible for VAT relief, a saving of 20%, click here for more information on qualifying for VAT exemption.

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Our range offers a variety of fabrics from a huge range of stylish, modern and hard wearing general domestic fabrics, to severe contract, hard wearing fabrics and waterproof, anti-microbial, anti-MRSA fabrics that are fire retardant to CRIB5 standards.

We also offer a huge variety of real leathers, and high quality faux leather with hard wearing, anti microbial properties, rated to CRIB5 standard.

memory foam

Each chair includes a high quality filling for added comfort and durability. We also offer optional extra seating types on some chairs that encompass various combinations of foams, as well as gel cushions and also incorporated airflow cushions, or a cut out seat to allow various cushions where the individual’s pressure relieving requirements may change. Each variation is designed to offer varying degrees of pressure relieving properties based on your exact requirements at any given time.

Ellen reclined

The following mechanisms are available within our range of rise and recline armchairs:

  • Wall hugger – single motor mechanism that requires only 4-5” of clearance behind to recline.
  • Dual motor – back and footrest are operated independently by separate motors.
  • Single Motor Tilt-in-space – single motor mechanism that maintains angle of back and seat when reclining and lifting.
  • Dual Motor Tilt-in-space – A tilt-in-space mechanism as above with the added benefit of a motorised independent back movement.
  • Lift only – single motor mechanism that allows lift but not recline.
  • Recline only – Single motor wall hugger action mechanism that allows recline only.
  • Heavy duty & Bariatric – Single, dual and triple motor mechanisms available for full adjustment of users up to 70 stone.

Specialist Chairs

We provide a range of specialist seating suitable for use at home or in a nursing environment. These chairs are designed with the users’ comfort as paramount, providing continuous pressure relief and posture control.

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Pressure Relief

By promoting good posture, our range of specialist seating lowers the risk of developing pressure sores and circulation problems. Our specialist seating supports the surface area of the body, ensuring the comfort of the user.

Chair Fillings

Our chairs are classified based on the users’ requirements and the frequency in which the chair will be used.  All chairs can be tailored to suit your requirements and are available in various fabric options such as easy clean, infection control. Our range also comprises of various filling options such as foam, gel and WaterCell® technology.